Sunday, 1 February 2009

Half of all Britons are basically retarded



  1. I love your blog, all the more so because it is new, and fresh.
    As to this specific post, I went to read the report on which it's based, prepared for a theological stitch-up, with biased, answer-begging questions, but not so - it's a very thoughtful, well-written report, worth reading if nothing else for it's analysis of Darwin and his beliefs. Read it here:
    Two more comments, including a fine piece of sceptical poetry.
    First, how does one email you? I can't find a link,
    and second, here's Tim Minchin on woo:
    (From "respectful insolence")
    Signing off, and thanks for all the fish!

  2. Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for your kind comments, assuming you're not being sarcastic! Ideally this is just a place for me to post things that I find particularly amusing or interesting, so posts might be erratic or irregular!

    Thanks for the Darwin link, I'm just reading it now. And Tim Minchin is awesome - I assume you heard about him from PZ's link to Storm... I tried to get tickets but all sold out :(

    Finally, I've made my email address visible in Blogger. If it's still not obvious, feel free to email



  3. Hmmm, finally looked at the Tim Minchin link. The same poem I mentioned!