Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Dawkins and Ben Stein

I just had the misfortune of watching this interview, taken from the movie "Expelled". Ben Stein appears to be borderline retarded...

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Congratulations Rosa Parks

You wasted your time if this is anything to go by:

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Dear America

Dear America,

I've admired you from afar for some time now. Something about your repeated assertions that you are "the land of the free" have made me feel a sort of jealousy.

Like many Europeans, I watched the presidential elections in 2004 with a kind of unrealistic hope that George Bush wouldn't retain his presidency. Having been so disappointed back then, I couldn't bring myself to think that Barack Obama would become president in 2009, even though Sarah Palin's part in the opposition made the Republican choice suicidally stupid.

On the day Obama became President I felt there was real hope for America and the rest of the world. Even though many things that were promised have not come to pass, I still believe that the effort of fighting against the Republican inertia is the cause, not a lack of integrity on Obama's part.

Basically, America, this is your chance. If you can't stop acting like a bunch of petulant children and get along, we're going to turn the world around and go home. Mostly it's you, Republicans. Somehow you've been polarised against your president even more than usual, but it's got to stop. You've assassinated enough good presidents in the past - please don't encourage more killing just because you don't like the way things are going.


ArsTechnica writes an awesome summary of evolution misconceptions

This list of misconceptions about evolution is actually very good for semi-mainstream press. It seems to address a very wide range of arguments that you might hear from illiterate idiots:

"A million years is a lot longer than we think it is"

Of course it is, but this article starts to put into perspective just how long a million years is compared with a single generation

"We wouldn't recognize a key transition while it was happening"

Fantastic to see someone recognise this simple fact: Species are a fairly human-defined thing. Seeing "macro-evolution" is obviously just "micro-evolution" on a grander scale. I.E., EVOLUTION.

I thought Australia was laid-back

I'd always considered that a good argument against "pro-lifers" was to ask what we should do with women who break the law by having abortions. If abortion is murder then surely they should go to jail.

Normally this works quite well as most people consider it a rather harsh reaction. Not in Australia though!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Glenn Beck's fans don't know what they're talking about SHOCK

I subscribe to the theory that the less knowledge somebody has on a subject, the more passionate they are about it - although only when they're told how to think.

This amazing video is very supportive of that theory:

Glenn Fucking Beck's ridiculous supporters