Saturday, 31 January 2009

Focus on Bishop Williamson

More evidence that Bishop Williamson is an utter idiot with no idea about the world outside Catholicism:

Canadians strike me as a gentle people; but "strike" is the word! Ten yeas ago I was innocently asked in Canada whether women should wear trousers. Some ten weeks ago, also in Canada, I was asked whether a girl should go to a conservative Novus Ordo university. The answer now to the second question may be as stormy as the answer to the first:- because of all kinds of natural reasons, almost no girl should go to any university!

Sir David Attenborough on Genesis

I'm not sure I agree with Sir David completely, but I utterly disagree with Catherine Pepinster's condescendingly ridiculous response.

A brief explanation of what it's like being a programmer


Bishop Williamson apologises for the wrong thing to the wrong people

This has got to be some sort of very subtle joke of an apology. He seems to have completely missed the point, and is pretty much apologising on behalf of the people who he thinks have been stirring up trouble over nothing!

At least someone (in some way related to the Pope) has apologised on his behalf.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

The "gay agenda"

Iceland's people sound awesome.

A religion chart

Things that people believe:

1.1 billion atheists worldwide! Wonderful.

Your family tree

This is absolutely the most amazing thing I've seen today:

You are on that tree. Congratulations.

Aw, look, he thinks he's human

Anthropomorphising animals is almost completely impossible not to do. The problem is that it's such a pleasant feeling to think that we have something in common with other living beings, you want to see their behaviour as similar to that of a human. Perhaps it's part of the brain's powerful, yet over-sensitive, pattern-detection algorithms.

Amazingly, people prefer to see these "human" behaviours (which are more likely due to coincidence than not) than the actual attributes humans have in common with animals; pretty much everything. We are so used to living socially, where small differences seem very important, that we don't notice that the similarity between all living beings in much greater than the difference between a living being and a rock, or a grain of salt.

What a shame.

[edited for typo and stupidity]

Re-instated bishop Richard Williamson denies the holocaust on video


Holy. Fuck. Literally.

Can anyone really believe this shit?

Particularly frustrating having just finished reading the wonderful "Graphic Novel" (comic book?) Maus - these comments are not even amusingly ignorant.