Thursday, 5 February 2009

Advertising Standards Authority

There must be something we can do about these adverts:

If the articles about the atheist campaign are true, the "probably" part was very definitely inserted to avoid any legal issues. Presumably those same legal issues apply when claiming that there is a God...?


  1. By the way, the ASA has a complaints form here:

  2. Complaint made:

    Advertisement details
    Type of advertisement: Poster
    Where seen: In an article explaining adverts being displayed on buses in the UK :
    When seen: 05/02/09
    Advertiser and product
    Advertiser: The Christian Party, the Trinitarian Bible Society and the Russian Orthodox Church
    Product: Christianity
    Your complaint:
    These advertisements are misleading and portray a false level of confidence in the advertised item.

    As an retort to the infamous "There probably is no God" advertisements, these posters step over the (carefully judged) line of certainty and proclaim their beliefs as fact. This sort of propaganda is divisive and extremely likely to be incorrect.

    I don't believe it is socially or morally acceptable to allow organisations to present as fact something which has no evidence behind it. For this reason I believe these adverts should be disallowed.

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